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Published January 10th, 2020 by Thomas Gilman

Thomas was recently featured on episode 48 of Baschamania. Listen to the episode here on Apple Podcasts or you can listen below!

 Full show description:

From It was great chatting with 2017 World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman just ahead of his trip to Italy & Russia to compete in a few tough tournaments. The Iowa Hawkeye and Olympic Hopeful is loved by many and has one of the biggest personalities in the sport, but his internet absence keeps many of his stories from being heard as much as they ought to be! Today, enjoy 45 minutes of stories and insight from Thomas Gilman.

Order of Topics:

  • Early Start in Wrestling
  • Wanting to be an Olympic Champ “In all 3 Styles”
  • Getting Better Early On
  • Young Adversity
  • Relationship with Terry Brands
  • Losing to Cory Clark
  • Proper Perspective
  • Righting the Wrongs
  • Losing to Cory Clark
  • Importance of Routine
  • Breaking Out of the “Shy” Shell
  • “The Persona”
  • Favorite “Persona” Moment
  • Sitting Out in Finals/Ramo’s Stressed Out
  • Taking Time Off in 2019
  • Thoughts on Social Media
  • The Thomas Gilman Brand
  • The Olympics & Olympic Trials
  • Competing in Italy
  • Micic Should be Tried for Treason
  • Process Goals

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