Gilman on Tokyo, Olympics on Baschamania

Published August 13th, 2021 by Thomas Gilman

Thomas was recently back on the Baschamania podcast. Listen to the episode here on Apple Podcasts or you can listen below!

 Full show description:

Thomas Gilman is back on the podcast and this time, he brings with him an Olympic Medal! Always a blessing chatting with TP Gilman and helping get his stories and insights out there. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

Order of The Conversation: 

  • Having a Baby Girl!
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Blog
  • Perspective going into Olympics
  • Advice from Snyder & David Taylor
  • NLWC Teammates
  • First Match with Uguev
  • Next 2 Matches
  • Winning a Bronze Medal
  • Happiness with Bronze & Silver Medals
  • Best Part of the Trip
  • Japan’s Response to Team USA
  • Best & Hardest Part of Olympics
  • Is He Going to Norway?

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